baby boy getting ready for his baptism at the church

Your child’s baptism is an important part of their life, and it’s a time for your family and friends to celebrate this event welcoming your child into their religious journey. Hiring a baptism photographer for christening photos is a great way to capture this special day, and Alissa knew she wanted to have these memories of her son Ryan’s baptism. 

Getting Ready at Home before Baptism Ceremony | Baptism Photo

Alissa, Ryan’s mom put together a beautiful breakfast for her family and friends, complete with bagels, fruit, yogurt and deli trays. She wanted to welcome her family into her home and make them feel welcome on this big day. The home was decorated in a very welcoming way, complete with balloons blessing Ryan to complete the décor. 

We started this day with pictures of Ryan getting ready with his godparents. He had a special outfit, complete with an adorable bow tie just for him. After he was dressed in all white, both sets of grandparents came to visit with him and I was able to capture beautiful family photos they’ll have to remember this day. 

Christening Photography at the Church

After everyone was ready, the family made their way to their church for Ryan’s special moment. There, along with his godparents, he was baptized and welcomed on to his religious journey. I was so thrilled his parents asked me to take part in his baptism photography and I could feel all the love Ryan’s family has for him during this ceremony. 

His parents then welcomed everyone back to their home for lunch and desserts to enjoy the rest of the day. All of their family and friends got to spend time together on that day, celebrating Ryan and their family. 

Special moments in the life of your child are really important, and capturing them so you always have those keepsakes is the best you can do for your baby and your family.

How much Coverage of the Baptism Photographer do you need? | Baptism Photographer

Getting ready part usually takes around 30 minutes. Most parents would like to also take pictures of the cake, food and other decorations, plus some candid photos of the family hanging around, you need to add for that another 15 minutes.

If you want to take posed family pictures, depending on how many configurations you need, it is another 15-30 minutes. You can do it before leaving to church, at home, or after church.

I like taking formal portraits of your immediate family at your home, as once you hit the church, you are busy taking care of your guests and with ceremony logistics. The time at home before the ceremony is a quiet one. 

For the church part, it’s best to ask your priest how long it would take.

If you are planning a reception after, you need about 1 hour for up to 20-25 guests, if the reception is bigger, you may need up to 3 hours.

Just give me a call to chat about your plans, and we will figure out how much coverage you need.