surprise proposal at Paletta Mansion in Burlington

Capturing those once in a lifetime moments of people who are truly in love is one of the biggest joys for a Toronto proposal photographer. While I love being a photographer and capturing life’s special moments for all my clients, photographing a proposal leaves me filled with love and joy for the couple. When I left Madisyn and Jason’s proposal, I had music playing, singing along and feeling like I could not be any happier than I am right now.

Surprise Proposal Ideas & Preparations | Paletta Mansion, Burlington

Jason had a great proposal idea for Madisyn, the woman he loves. He wanted to surprise her, and included her friends to help set up the proposal to show how much he loves her. The location he selected was Paletta Mansion in Burlington, Ontario. Her friends reached out to me, as an engagement photographer, to capture the moment as a gift to the couple. 

When I arrived at Paletta Mansion, I saw true friends full of love setting the scene for the best surprise Madisyn will have. Overlooking a beautiful green space and the water, Jason had set up candles with rose petals and white balloons. He also had flowers for Madisyn when she arrived. He selected red and white rose petals, to compliment the white balloons and candles surrounding the patio. 

Sometimes, as an engagement photographer, you worry that you’re going to be photographing a proposal where someone will say no. One look at Jason’s face when I met him and I knew, in my heart, there was no way Madisyn would say no. These are two people who truly love each other. In fact, Madisyn’s friends love Jason so much they even helped him set up this proposal – so is there really a better sign than that? 

Wedding Proposal: Did she say yes?!

When Madisyn arrived at the Paletta Mansion she had no idea that Jason was going to propose, but as soon as she turned the corner and stood at the top of the steps she was greeted with Jason holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and her face said it all. At that moment, with the lush green lawns and blue water in the background, she was filled with love for Jason and she knew he was the one she wanted to be with forever. 

As she walked towards Jason, in a beautiful blue summer dress, he gave her the flowers and she couldn’t hold back tears anymore. The mansion, made of brick, gave a great contrasting background to the soft and romantic feelings the two of them clearly shared. 

After Madisyn said yes, her friends were there to celebrate and surround the couple with all the love possible. They cried tears of joy together and hugged – Madisyn also found out her friends help Jason plan this whole thing for her. 

I was also able to capture some pictures of the couple, with their overflowing love obvious to anyone who sees the pictures. As an engagement and wedding photographer, I love being able to perfectly capture the essence of who a couple is and showcasing their love for each other. 

Planning a surprise proposal and looking for an engagement photographer?

If you’re looking for proposal ideas and hoping to have a Toronto proposal photographer capture your special moment, and share it with your family, I’d love to help make your engagement day one of the most special in your life. 

“I am beyond grateful Natalia was there to capture our proposal! I had no idea that I was getting engaged and Natalia was there, hired by my friends as an engagement gift (they were apart of the proposal in kahoots with my boyfriend). Natalia is beyond helpful, kind, and sweet! She really knows what she is doing. She has a great eye for a good photo. My fiancé and I, LOVE how amazing the photos came out. They are perfect and look so romantic. Everything had an artistic touch to it and I love that. I would highly recommend her. Very reasonable prices and the most professional. Quality of photos are stellar. LOVE!!!!!!! Take the jump and book her! You won’t regret it.” Madisyn

Feedback from the Bride to Be, Madisyn

“I am so lucky I get to see that smile and hear that laugh for the rest of my life ❤️ I had no idea Jason was going to propose in that moment. When I turned the corner and saw his handsome face waiting there with a bouquet of flowers, decorations, and beautiful music, I couldn’t believe it. Once I realized what was going on, my heart grew 100 times. The amount of love I felt was overflowing and it just reassured me that Jason is the only person who could make me feel that way. I am beyond excited to start our next chapter together and continue to grow alongside each other in this wonderful life ?”