Wedding Film Guide

Wedding films that touch the soul. How to pick the best ones for you?

Highlight Edit: Short, Sweet & Engaging Wedding Videography

Highlight film is a 3-4 minutes video that includes the best moments from getting ready until dancing.

The Signature Film: Character Driven Storytelling

6-10 minutes cinematic style film is dynamic as the highlight video, and is a mix of linear and non-linear clips. It usually includes audio from your vows, toasts and highlights of reception speeches.

Documentary Edit: The Best Way to See it All

Traditional, chronological cut long wedding film is usually a 60-90 minutes long video including your full ceremony, speeches and other parts of your wedding day.

Ceremony Edit

Multi camera edit of your wedding ceremony.

Speeches Edit

All the speeches and toasts from your reception that are audio and color corrected. Example above was created with 2 videographers.

Trailer Edit

Vertical or horizontal 1min video reel ready to use on your social media.

Raw footage vs edited film

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