Centennial Park, Toronto Fall Wedding Photo

Fall is the perfect time of year for wedding photos that are bursting with colour. The Japanese garden at Centennial park in Toronto provided the perfect backdrop for timeless wedding photographs for Dua’a and Kaspar.

This beautiful couple was living in Europe before Dua’a moved here with her family about a year ago. Kaspar decided to follow her to the GTA a little over 3 months ago, and the couple loved it here so much they decided to have their wedding soon after he arrived. Their engagement was short, but this didn’t stop them from planning a wonderful, breathtaking wedding day they will never forget. While there were some tiny details that didn’t go exactly as they planned on the big day they didn’t let this change their mood or ruin the day – they just went with the flow and ended up completely enjoying how their wedding turned out. I loved it! This laid back attitude allowed me to capture some really natural, candid shots that truly reflect who these two people are as a couple.

Dua’a and Kaspar are very warm and welcoming people who make you feel like you’ve already known them your whole life. They were so fun loving, and didn’t let the freezing wind get in the way of some great photographs of their big day. The shots didn’t even look as though they were battling frigid temperatures to get the perfect picture. With very little effort these two truly showed how much they love each other – they just fit together naturally and are very comfortable in each other’s presence.

Dua’a’s timeless dress completely stood out against the bright colours of fall in the garden. Dua’a has beautiful flowing dark hair that she styled with natural waves and a very simple headpiece. This timeless look made a great statement and suited the feel of the whole day. Her natural makeup look and a beautiful bouquet of white roses stood in contrast to Kaspar’s crisp, dark tuxedo and these two elements made for photographs they will love to look at years from now.

While many flowers are in bloom during the summer, fall weddings shoot some of the most vibrant photographs: the orange, yellows and reds make a stark contrast against the traditional white dress and black tuxedo couples wear on their wedding day. I loved being able to capture the love shared between these two on their special day, and I hope Dua’a and Kasper enjoy the memories these photos captured of their special day.