Humber Arboretum Toronto engagement photo

Now, when the temperature outside in Toronto is so low, I’m coming back in my memories to this warm, green photo shoot that’s one of my favorite this year.

The Humber Arboretum may be the best kept secret backdrop in the city for stunning photographs. This beautiful landscape is nestled in the North West corner of the city, this hidden gem was the perfect location for this stylish couple’s unforgettable engagement photo session.

As a Toronto Engagement Photographer there’s so many locations for engagement photo shoots but for this couple, looking for a soft and romantic feeling for this special moment, a garden was love at first sight.

Charlene and Quinton’s love story bloomed slowly, much like the flowers in this garden. As children they grew up in the same neighborhood – on the same street even – and went to the same schools but it wasn’t until last year, when they were at the same university, that they met each other. They didn’t even remember each other from old school pictures when they first met, so it wasn’t until they really got to know each other that they realized how their paths had previously crossed. I was completely swept away with their romantic love story, and it’s so obvious with their photos how much this couple love each other.

Early on the day of their photo shoot, the morning light was stunning so we used that to our advantage to capture the best photographs possible – although this couple would be gorgeous in almost any light. Charlene’s dark hair was a stark contrast to the soft, pastel colours of the flowers in the background and her natural make up. Her dark hair was styled in soft waves matching her gorgeous flowing summer dress, and she looked like she was completely at home in this garden. Quinton’s outfit complimented her white summer dress nicely with a white dress shirt and black trousers.  The backdrop was dozens of flowers in a garden that was in full bloom; it was romantic and soft without too much colour. This garden was perfect for this couple as it allowed their style to really shine in all of these photos.

What I loved most about working with this couple was that they knew exactly what they wanted and weren’t afraid to go for it – not just during the photo shoot but for everything. They found me a year before the actual engagement photos took place, and it was too early to book out the date but they kept me in mind and reached out again when it was time to do their engagement photos.

When their day for engagement photos came, they were complete naturals in front of the camera. These models were full of ideas for poses, but they were also incredibly open to direction and suggestions. I felt as though I’d known this couple for years, and we were old friends catching up. They felt comfortable with me and the photos show off their love undoubted love for each other.

As we moved through their Humber Arboretum engagement session, this couple loved these photos so much they booked me to shoot their upcoming wedding. You can see pictures of their stylish wedding here . Don’t miss it!