Wedding Photo Shoot taken at Comic Store in Hamilton by Hamilton Wedding Photographer

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Theme weddings are a great way to make sure guests remember your wedding for years to come, and they are a way for the couple to truly express who they are and what they love. When I met Gabi & Zeeshan, who were looking for a Hamilton Wedding Photographer, they asked me, if I ever photographer a theme comic wedding. I didn’t, and I wasn’t even sure what they excatly mean… So when they introduced me to all their creative plans, I got extremely excited to photograph this amazing Hamilton Wedding.

Gabi and Zeeshan met online, and lived in different cities for almost 2 years of their relationship. He lived in Hamilton, and Gabi lived in Scarborough. For the first part of their relationship, they were greeting each other and saying goodbye at a GO station. Finally, they decided that they couldn’t be apart any longer and Gabi moved to Hamilton after Zeeshan asked her to marry him.


Elegant Wedding with a Comic Twist | Carmen’s Banquet Centre, Hamilton

When planning their wedding they decided to incorporate comics, a huge passion of Zeeshan’s, into their Big Day. With small details like giving his groomsmen cufflinks with superhero emblems, like Batman and Green Lantern, and a custom made flower to pin on their tux so they were able to truly pull off a unique themed wedding.

Before the wedding, while the bride and her bridesmaids were having their hair and makeup done, Zeeshan and his groomsmen got ready at the groom’s parent’s house and then they decided to have a little fun by playing some air hockey in the groom’s basement.


Ceremony at Carmen’s Banquet Centre, Hamilton

The ceremony was a mixture of tradition and modern, and it was a wonderful display of the love this couple shares. After the wedding party and the bride and groom enter, they took part in a tea pouring ceremony where the bride and groom present cups of tea to parents of both the bride and groom and then finally the couple shares the cup of tea as a way to unify the families. After the tea pouring, there is the rose presentation: Gabi gives a rose to Zeeshan’s mother, and Zeeshan gives a rose to Gabi’s mother.

Before the couple exchanged vows, their love story was shared with all the guests who attended their wedding and Gabi and Zeeshan took part in a unity gardening ritual where they add soil and then water a plant presented before them. When they were ready to exchange rings, Zeeshan’s nephews – Nolan and Neo – delivered the rings in Batman and Robin boxes, going along with their comic theme.


Wedding Photos at Big B Comic Books in Hamilton

After the couple was officially married it was time for us to do a photo shoot to capture the love of their special day. Since the weather included freezing rain, outdoor photos were out of the question so we had to take their pictures in an alternate location. As a backup location, we chose Big B Comic Books in Hamilton, which was actually the perfect location for this couple to display one of their biggest passions. We were able to capture some perfectly candid shots of this couple reading through comic books and spending time in a location that means so much to them.


Reception at Carmen’s Banquet Hall, Hamilton

After the wedding photo shoot was done, we headed back to the reception venue, Carmen’s Banquet Hall, where everyone enjoyed dinner and speeches. The couple also shared in their first dance before a traditional dance celebrated in Gabi’s heritage.

For this couple, making the move from two cities to one lead them to a fairytale wedding filled with real life super heroes and a unique wedding day their friends and family will never forget. As a Hamilton Wedding Photographer, I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such unique wedding.