best 10 pictures of 2019 by toronto wedding photographer

Best 10 Wedding Pictures of 2019 by Toronto Wedding Photographer

I decided to take a look back and prepare for you and myself the best 10 weeding & engagement pictures taken in 2019. I noticed, that when I’m showing pictures to other people, especially my husband Mat, he’s favorites are never the same as mine. But, I often share the same favorites with the bride and the groom I was taking wedding pictures of. I understood after some time, that a huge impact on liking the same pictures have sharing the same experiences & memories of the moments when the photo was taken. OMG, this sentence seems so complicated, I hope you understand what I mean. The pictures is never just a picture, it can be important because of the story it tells and the precious or spontaneous moment it captures.That is why I think, that the title of this post shouldn’t be “best 10 pictures of 2019” but rather “10 most important pictures of 2019”. I’m going to explain (as short as possible) why these photos are so important for me and my sweet couples. What is more, 10 is definitely not enough. I was struggling for 3 days to pick them and I was never happy about the results.  At the end there are 13 pictures, and I still think this is not enough 😉I couldn’t be more grateful to all couples that trusted me to take their wedding and engagement pictures. They inspired me, let me be a part of their family and share with me one of the most important days in their lives. I learned a lot as a wedding photographer and gained new friends. Thank you for your trust!

1. Wedding Photo Shoot, Windsor’s Waterfront, Ontario

One of the most precious pictures are these ones, that look great despite the circumstances we had. It was 40 degrees outside, full sun, a lot of people at the park and we had only 45 minutes to take pictures & video of the couple and the entire bridal party. We found this amazing spot with a stunning backlight reflecting from the pond behind the couple and let Aneta and Pawel just enjoy these quick moments of being together before the start of the reception.You can find pictures from Aneta’s and Pawel’s wedding by clicking here and watch the highlight wedding video by clicking this link.

2. Wedding picture of Neda & Clinton | 2nd Floor Events, Toronto

Neda moved from LA, California to Toronto to get married and start a family with a love of her life. They both love downtown Toronto, especially the industrial look of the King Street West and streetcars which they were planning to incorporate into outdoor wedding photos. Guess how Toronto welcomed Neda on her wedding day? With a massive snowstorm! The only time it wasn’t snowing like crazy, is when we were leaving a cab in a hurry for the ceremony. They look so happy in this photo and that’s exactly how they felt. They didn’t care at all, let smaller things go and just enjoyed their Big Day.

To see more pictures from Neda & Clinton wedding click here

3. Michelle & Simon Wedding Reception | Holland Marsh Wineries, New Market

Michelle was putting all florals and venue decor by herself (with her bridesmaid’s help of crs!). It was very impressive to see how her venue decor turned out, and how much work and thoughts she put into it. You can check this totally Pinterest-worthy wedding here.

4. Bonita & Gesnelson, Engagement Pictures taken at Humber Bay, Toronto

We met with Bonita & Gesnelson half a year before the e-shoot to discuss their wedding plans. They have an eating mukbang show on Youtube, and they post there every week. I thought, that taking pictures of them would be easier than usual as they are used to the camera and we already met before. During their engagement session, though, they were nervous and it took a little bit of time to get comfortable in front of the camera.  I was talking to them through the pictures, and in no time they were laughing and I could capture some amazing natural looking shots. That’s the first photo of our photoshoot and it couldn’t be more perfect.There is a lot of good reasons to have an engagement photo shoot, and one of them is building some comfort being in front of the camera and getting to know your photographer better. On the wedding day, Bonita & Gesnelson felt way much comfortable about having their pictures done, and I could see how they truly enjoyed their wedding photo session.You can see more engagement photos of Bonita & Gesnelson by clicking here, and under this link, you can find wedding photos.

5. Shelby & Andrew Wedding | Cardinal Lakes Golf Club Wedding Reception, Welland

The Wedding of Shelby and Andrew was going pretty on schedule, and it had a relaxed and laid-back mood. Both Shelby and Andrew are rather calm and well-organized people, and that’s how their wedding day was looking like. We were taking all the wedding pictures as planned, and just enjoying the beautiful day. Everything was going smoothly until the moment of taking group photos with the entire bridal party + ring bearers. These two extremely cute looking boys (they do look like angels, just look at them!) turned out to have a lot of energy and even more personality. A personality, that is unstopable. Wedding Photographer, did you try to take a perfect shot of the entire bridal party? Forget about it! I know, that Shelby & Andrew also love this photo, and I can see how hard they were laughing seeing it for the first time.

6. Vivian & Richard | Beaches Park Wedding Pictures & Beach United Church Reception, Toronto

80% of weddings I’m photographing are not on schedule like the wedding of Shelby & Andrew. Make-up takes longer than predicted, one of bridesmaid’s zipper is not working, there is a heavier traffic than usually or everything happens at once. It’s easy to get frustrated and worried, that’s why it it very important to hire wedding vendors you can trust.

With Vivian & Richard, we were planning to have over 60 minutes for a first look & wedding photoshoot, but we got only 15 and in a completely different location than planned. In 15 minutes we were able to take single shots of the bride, groom and 20 various pictures of 2 of them. I was sweating like crazy, and Richard & Vivian were acting very brave listening to all my directions and posing quickly.

7. Katrin & Teddy, Post-Wedding Photo Shoot | Liberty Village, Toronto

Katrin & Teddy got married last year in Vancouver, but during their Wedding Day things got delayed, and they had no time for the wedding photoshoot. They asked me to create together some pictures in Toronto, where they live now, to supplement their wedding pictures. It was a true pleasure to meet a couple so crazy in love after one year of marriage. I wish that to all my couples!

8. Kara & Dave, Engagement Photo Shoot at R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, Toronto

It was my last engagement photoshoot of 2019 and I feel like it was closing the 2019 chapter. I know better each year what kind of photography I want to take, and what I don’t want to do. I was experimenting a lot during this year, looking for the best ways to make the experience smooth & relaxed for the couples & capture the dynamic of the relationship and love they have to each other. I was putting a lot of thought into the locations, natural light, and various backdrops, and that’s what I want to continue doing in 2020.

We want to thank all the couples that trusted us in 2019 and let us create the beautiful stories of their wedding days. We are looking forward to the next wedding season. I literally can’t wait to photograph all the wonderful couples we will be working with in exciting & breathtaking venues they picked for their wedding day. Stay tuned!


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