5 Unique Photo Locations to Take Your Engagement or Wedding Pictures within the Toronto & GTA

When you get engaged, it is an incredibly exciting time in your life. There is so much happening, and everyone is very excited for you and your partner. Engagement and wedding pictures are a memory that you will get to keep for the rest of your life and they will be a reflection of all of the happiness you shared in during this time. Picking the right location for your engagement and wedding pictures can be very difficult: you want to make sure you pick a spot that reflects who you are as a couple, one that you’ll feel comfortable in and one that will look amazing in the final pictures. What would be the best engagement or wedding photo locations in Toronto or GTA Area? If you’re looking for a unique place to take your engagement or wedding photos in the GTA, one that will reflect your personality and style, here are 5 of the most unique places to post for the camera.

1. R.C Harris Water Treatment Plant

One of the best things about this engagement photo location is that it’s kind of a hidden gem – not many people think of it as a place to take pictures at. Additionally, it doesn’t require a permit to capture pictures so we could head there any time and take a number of shots of the two of you.

This location features beautiful, breathtaking architecture to act as a backdrop for your pictures. You could also do pictures on the beach, with the waves in the background and overlooking Lake Ontario. The clean, sharp architecture provides a great contrast to cozy, romantic pictures and there is a lot of green space to walk through so you can capture many different views and angles.

style: urban, classy, airy, elegant

elements: amazing architecture, beach, open green space

the best time to take pictures: mornings on the weekend, as on weekdays there are people working at the plant and there is a lot off cars bloking some views

2. Ontario Place

For almost anyone who grew up in the GTA, or spent some time here, Ontario Place is a landmark that many have visited. Home to the annual CNE, this location feels like home for so many of us and it’s a great spot to have your wedding or engagement – or both! – pictures done at.

The breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline combined with the modern architecture of Ontario Place will make your pictures unique and perfect, just best photo location for your engagement or wedding pictures. If you want to mix urban shots with a natural setting, Ontario Place can also accommodate this as there are many lush, green spots you can cozy up in for those intimate shots.

style: natural, urban, romantic

elements: Toronto skyline, bridge, gazebo, kept lawns, stone stairs

the best time to take pictures: weekdays, mornings on the weekend, watch out for events

3. Conservation Area

If you and your partner are fans of nature and the outdoors why not bring that love into the pictures you will have for the rest of your life? If you regularly hike or love to experience long walks along the trails with you dog then your local conservation area could be the perfect spot to showcase who you are as a couple.

Each session is meant to capture a moment in time: it shows exactly who you were at this exact moment in your life. These pictures will serve as a keepsake you can look back on in 10, 20, 30 or 50 years and remember exactly how you were at this moment in time.

style: natural, earthy, rustic

elements: we will use whatever is available at your fav conservation area

the best time to take pictures: all week

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4. Humber Bridge, Toronto

One of the greatest parts of living in a big city like Toronto is there are almost endless locations for pictures with an urban feel. Each of these locations brings a little something different to the pictures, and the Humber Bridge is no exception. Having your photo shoot here means you can capture lake views with the Toronto skyline in the background. It’s an urban feel without having a background filled with buildings. What’s more is the bridge itself features clean, white arches providing a very clean and polished look.

There are also a couple bike paths nearby so that we could wander around and get shots from various angles in addition to the pictures on the bridge.

style: urban, stylish, clean, airy

elements: bridge, amazing architecture, lakeview, Ontario Lake

the best time to take pictures: early mornings

5. On Your Street, At Your Home

If you and your partner have moved in together and started to build a home, then you have a neighborhood you likely feel very comfortable in. As a photographer, I’d love to come visit the street you live on or the home you’ve built and take some pictures of the two of you, in the place you feel the most comfortable. These pictures will double as a memory of the very first home you shared together, or the home you had the day you got married. It’s unique and can’t be more personal, what can make it just a best photo location for your wedding or engagement pictures.

style: cozy, romantic, natural

elements: everything you know and love

the best time to take pictures: anytime!

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