wedding picture in front of the Toronto City Hall

Destination weddings are a fun way to incorporate getting married with an unforgettable vacation. Kamil and Angelika traveled from Switzerland to experience what Toronto is like and to celebrate their love, getting married while visiting.

Kamil has some history with the city as he previously worked here for many years, so he was familiar with the sites and was able to show his fiancé Angelika what a great city this is to be in. To welcome them both to the city, we first met for a cup of coffee to chat about their wedding and did an engagement photo shoot a few days before the wedding. This helped them get a little more comfortable in front of the camera and gave me a chance to get to know them, and their style. We were able to travel to a couple destinations including Osgoode Hall, The Esplanade and Brookfield Place to capture their engagement pictures. We spent almost the whole afternoon together chatting about all the countries they were living at and why they decided to get married in Toronto. Angelika moved to Germany when she was 5, and she knows perfectly not only Germany but also Polish and English.

The chill time we spend together is something I probably love in my job the most: meeting interesting, passionate people, learning about their lives and experiences. Every time I feel like I learn so many new things and hopefully, gain new friends.

Angelika and Kamil stayed at 1 King West for their visit to the city, which provided a beautiful setting for taking capturing their time getting ready before the wedding. They both wanted a small and intimate ceremony where they could celebrate their love and just be together. Having been together for over 5 years, and already starting their family, a laid back wedding where they could just enjoy their time together was important to them.

On the big day, after they were ready to get married, Kamil and Angelika wanted to experience an intimate first look – just the two of them. Standing on the other side of the door from her love Angelika’s heart was almost beating out of her chest. Even though Kamil has been her partner for over 5 years, it felt as though she was seeing him for the first time at the beginning of this new journey together. The emotion and love in their eyes when they first saw each other was perfectly captured and they will be able to share this memory with their family for the rest of their lives.

After their first look, we made our way down to City Hall where they said their vows and were officially married, surrounded by their closest family and friends. A few more wedding pictures were taken in front of the beautiful City Hall before everyone headed over to Lee restaurant for a small reception dinner.

With a small wedding, they were able to book a private room at the back of the restaurant which could only be seen through the kitchen. We were able to watch the chefs preparing our meal while celebrating with champagne and cutting their wedding cake, so it was an incredibly unique experience to be part of this wedding.

Being able to photograph this small, romantic wedding meant I was able to play a bigger role than just taking pictures on their big day. We spent two full days together and I helped them get ready for their big day in addition to capturing their memories. This wedding for Angelika and Kamil was completely unforgettable and I was so happy to have been asked to have been part of their special day!