Natalia Zuk Photography best wedding pictures of 2018

Decided to take a look back, and prepare for you and for myself 10 best pictures of 2018. I did it for 2 reasons: reading just one post you can find out a lot about my style, the way I work and what kind of pictures I’m proud of.

The second reason was a little more selfish ? I wanted to look at overall of my work in 2018 from a bigger perspective, see how much did I achieve and what goals I want to set up for the next year to become even better wedding photographer.

All these powerful memories came back to me when I was picking the pictures. I’m so glad and grateful to meet so many wonderful people last year. They inspired me, let me be a part of their family and share with me one of the most important days in their lives. I learned a lot and gained new friends. Thank you!


1. Pakistani themed photo shoot, Guild Park and Gardens, Scarborough, Toronto.

Sherry called me to create together stylish & romantic pictures in Guild Park and Gardens in her Pakistani dress and full makeup. She loves architecture as much as I do, so I already knew, that we are a good fit. She was particularly impressed with my ability to bring architecture and people together into a picture where they complement each other. This photo shoot started a friendship between us and my deep love to Pakistani cousin! For more pictures from this Pakistani photoshoot click here

2. Wedding picture of Carlina & Jason, Ajax, Durham Region

When I first chatted with Jason I supposed, that this wedding is going to be pure fun and no stress.  When I met him and Carlina for the first time I knew I was right. These two were in love and just wanted to get married. They had only 3 months to wrap everything up and they did such a beautiful job. I love to capture all these little details that you need to plan and put together carefully in order to make your dream vision come true. Read the story of their love here

3. Kasia & Krzysztof Wedding Pictures, Centennial Park, Toronto

When I met Kasia & Krzysztof, one of the things I will remember was they saying “we don’t have even one picture together and we have no idea how to pose to pictures”. Their honesty made me even more motivated, to create together stunning wedding pictures they will cherish forever. Looking back at the photo shoot I wanted Kasia & Krzysztof to remember only stress-free moments and pure fun we had together. Click to see more

4 & 5 Satoko & Ian Garden Wedding, North York, Toronto

Sometimes you meet people you immediately feel a connection with: something inside you just clicks with them. That is exactly how I felt when meeting Satoko.

I met her and her fiancé for the first time at her fiancé’s restaurant. Satoko was born in Japan but has built a life for herself – including her own company – here in Canada, where she met her future husband. I was amazed by her kindness and inspired by the brilliant, business-oriented mind.

Satoko’s closest family and friends came from Japan for her and Ian’s wedding day. These two portraits: one of Satoko and her brothers’ kids and the second one with her husband, shows just the pure love, which was floating around the house the whole day. Click here to see more

6. Charlene & Quinton Wedding Picture, King, Ontario

The beautiful and stylish wedding hosted at King Valley Golf Club completely took my breath away, but knowing the couple from shooting their engagement photos this was no surprise. The link for their soft and romantic engagement pictures you can find here.

The wedding ceremony, to officially marry the couple, was held in front of a beautiful mansion on the golf course. Charlene & Quinton knew exactly what they want, and took a lot of effort to pick a ceremony spot that would reflect the modernity and elegance of their Big Day. Click here to see all the pictures from this magical wedding day.

7. Luciana & Julio Wedding Picture of venue decoration, downtown Toronto

Luciana and Julio are one of the warmest and easy-going people I have ever met. Photographing their wedding day I felt like a part of the family. They put a lot of effort creating and building on their own all the wedding decorations!

8. Dua’a and Kaspar, Wedding Picture, Centennial Park, Toronto

Dua’a and Kaspar didn’t let the freezing wind get in the way of some great photographs of their big day. The shots didn’t even look as though they were battling frigid temperatures to get the perfect picture. With very little effort these two truly showed how much they love each other – they just fit together naturally and are very comfortable in each other’s presence.

9. Michelle & Simon, Engagement Pictures taken at Edward’s Gardens, Toronto

Fall is a great time to capture memorable pictures since the changing of the leaves provides the perfect background and help to create a picture that will grab the attention of anyone looking at it. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, with the sun shining and the trees were displaying their crisp fall colours. After getting a glimpse of the photos I shot for Michelle & Simon engagement pictures they were so pleased they decided to ask me to shoot their wedding day photos in July of 2019. I can’t wait to photograph this amazing couple’s big day next summer!

10. Wedding photoshoot of Irene & Krzysztof, Downtown Toronto

We moved to Toronto 3 years ago and we totally fell in love with this incredible city. Wake me up at night asking to go for a walk downtown Toronto. The answer will always be yes! I’m super excited every time my couples want to take pictures in the city. Just ask me and I would be more than happy to share with you endless location ideas for dream photo shoot downtown Toronto.