Pictures of flower decorations where the wedding ceremony and the venue were taking place

Do you remember this beautiful engagement photo shoot taken at Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto with Luciana & Julio? If not take a look here

I was intrigued by this couple who took with them funny items and beautiful decorations for the engagement pictures. I knew that will be more on the Wedding Day and I wasn’t wrong!

I was both fascinated and moved when I walked into the room, where the wedding ceremony and venue were taking place. Luciana and Julio put a lot of effort putting everything together. On the wooden stamps were placed white wooden freestanding love letters word and pigeon figurines. The room was decorated with a hand-made golden mason jar with string lights inside. But what seriously cracked me up were custom bobbleheads standing at the top of the wedding cake! Luciana and Julio have them for some time and this cuties are traveling with them and pose to the pictures. Sign atmosphere letters with LED light were standing on the fireplace and after the ceremony, we used them for the wedding photo shoot at the Coronation Park at the Ontario lake.

When Luciana was walking down the aisle with her mom, I took a quick look at Julio’s face. This funny and always making jokes guy was trying to keep his emotion in check so hard! You could tell, that seeing Luciana for the first time on this Big Day was quite an experience.

Luciana and Julio, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a heartwarming day. I wish you many years of happiness and love.