When I first chatted with Jason I supposed, that this wedding is going to be pure fun and no stress.  When I met him and Carlina for the first time I knew I was right. This two were in love and just wanted to get married. They met about 5 years ago and for some time were just friends. This year Jason went to Argentina for a vacation as a single and called his mom one week later saying that he is coming back with fiancé!

The wedding day began with the traditional Catholic ceremony that was held in Whitby at St. John the Evangelist Parish. Carlina looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle escorted by her father. Her warm smile and kindness made everyone feels important and welcome.  I really liked Jason’s jacket in a light color. This and all other little details with which you are sneaking in your personality makes your wedding more authentic and more about you as a couple.

After the wedding ceremony, we took pictures with family and friends at Pickering Museum Village. Restored buildings and heritage gardens provide beautiful space for the wedding photo shoot and relaxing walk for the couple during a busy wedding day.

The reception took place at Ajax Convention Center. The venue looked both elegant and romantic. Head table linen was set with powder blue clothes, white napkins, and white scuba chair covers. I feel in love with wedding reception backdrop: white, simple and elegant creating an airy and fresh background for the head table. Guests round tables were set up with silver napkins and white chair covers. Take a look at a variety of flowers decorating the space: adorable roses in warm colors at the head table and wedding cake and lilacs decorating the guest tables.

Did Carlina and Jason had a traditional, romantic first dance? Of course not! They were enjoying themselves not holding any energy during the dance.

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your inspiring and beautiful wedding day.