Engagement Photos Guide: All you need to know

The fall came to Toronto. I’m a summer person, so the coming winter stresses me out. Besides a huge, fluffy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, the only thing that warms me up now are all these fall engagement photoshoots! Every season has its magic, but who can resist having all these colours on engagement (or wedding or any other) pictures?In this article, you will find everything you need to know to plan your timeless and authentic engagement photoshoot.When planning your wedding, one of the more important parts of this time in your life is the photos you’ll be able to look back on years from now. The photos from your wedding day will be important, but your engagement photos will also be a fantastic memory you can hang on the wall as a token of this exciting time in your life as a couple.

Location Ideas for Your Engagement Photos

These aren’t just photos; they reflect your personalities at the start of your life as a married couple. Your engagement photoshoot’s location should be a special spot to both of you. Is it a place that you have made special to you? Maybe the spot you got engaged or where you met. If you don’t have a spot like this, maybe there’s one that reflects who you are as a couple or an interest you share. If you are in a spot you feel most like yourselves your photos will reflect this, and your love and chemistry will shine through and be captured in your photos forever.Still have no idea where you should take your pictures? Don’t worry; ask me, and I will recommend something special.Check out blog posts with my favourite engagement photos spots:
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Make Your Engagement Photoshoot Personal

As your wedding photos are going to be more formal, I suggest thinking about these photos as something meant to capture who you two are as a couple.  There isn’t a script or process you have to follow, and you should make this day and time about the two of you. Do you love to laugh, or are you more serious together? Do you have cultural traditions you want to follow? You can’t imagine your life without your dog? Whatever makes the two of you unique as a couple, take that and work it into your photos in some way. Check out my Pinterest board with some e-shoot inspirations.

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos?

Pick clothes that make you feel your best. Do you prefer jeans to dresses? Sandals to dress shoes? No problem! When you’re comfortable in your clothes it shows through into the pictures. Photographs, where you’re wearing clothes that are uncomfortable, will make for stiff pictures where you and your fiancé look staged instead of like you’re having fun.

What to Wear for a Timeless Engagement Photoshoot?

For timeless photographs, it’s best to pick outfits without patterns, so solid colours, and ones that complement each other. Wear something that will look great in 10, 20 and 30 years. Don’t be afraid to pick a 2nd outfit.

You want outfits that reflect you and the space you’re in so just let me know you’re considering multiple outfits so I can offer any suggestions.

While Picking the Perfect Outfit, keep your Engagement Photos Location in Mind & The Vibe You are Going for

The clothing you select should make it look as though you naturally fit into the venue you’ve selected. You and your fiancé will be at the foreground of the photographs, of course, but if your clothing compliments your environment they will turn out that much better. Discuss the various locations with your photographer and that you want to change outfits so they are aware and can plan for it.

Are you into light & airy photography? Go for whites, off-whites and light pastels.

What to bring for your photoshoot? Props ideas

Are you both into running, or baseball, or art? Are there interests that make you two what you are as a couple? Items, or props, that reflect the things that draw you together and bond you will enhance the photographs and show your love for each other. These kinds of things will also make your engagement session unique, and special for both of you. If you want to use props but don’t know exactly what to use then check it with me, your photographer. I might think of something that is just right and fits perfectly. Take the time to make sure this session is exactly what you want. Check out my Pinterest board with some e-shoot inspirations. 

Bring Some Extra Shoes & Umbrella

If you plan to wear high heels it is recommended that you bring flats as well. There could be some walking in between spots for shooting photographs, so this will add comfort to the day for you. You might also wish to have some shots with flats instead of heels and if that’s the case then you’ll want to make sure they are cute and stylish and match your outfit. The weather in Toronto can be very tricky, so make sure you have a nice umbrella with you. There is nothing more romantic than pictures in the rain.

Stop Worrying, Your Engagement Photographer is there for You

Posing for pictures is stressful and awkward, as this is not natural for most of us, to pose for pictures for some stranger with a camera. I take professional pictures every single year, to remind myself, how vulnerable and exposed it feels to being photographed by a stranger. My job is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m going to talk to you through the entire process, direct you on how to pose, make you laugh and do everything else to make sure, that you have a great time! Enjoy this time, and your photos will show it.

Forget About the Camera

Doesn’t sound that easy, right? Try to focus on your partner and the connection that is between the two of you. Pretend it’s just the two of you, out on a date together. Or don’t even pretend. A lot of my couples make this day special from start to finish. Take the day off, eat delicious breakfast together, and go to your favorite coffee shop after the photoshoot.

Trust Your Engagement Photographer

You chose your photographer for a reason, right? You saw their work with other couples, either on social media or on their website, and you liked the work they produced – something about their photographs drew you to select them. You could have chosen anyone, but you picked them. They have the experience, this is their passion and their livelihood so they’re going to do everything they can to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience for both of you. If you have questions ask them! If you are unsure about something then talk about it. They are here for you and to make your experience the best possible.

Have Fun during your Engagement Photos

This is a really enjoyable time for you and your fiancé so it’s important to have some fun with this. Just be yourself and don’t try to push the limits too far. Make this time about the two of you as a couple, reflecting who you are as people. Don’t be afraid to laugh and be silly together – those usually turn out as the best shots. Be yourself and you won’t be disappointed.


If you’re unsure about some part – or parts – of your engagement photos just ask me. Photographers have lots of experience in this field and they know what works so they can give you lots of advice and answer your questions about this day. Don’t be afraid to ask anything, even if it’s small, because this event is a big part of your time as an engaged couple and these photographs will be a token of this joyous time.

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