engagement pictures taken during Toronto cherry blossom season in High Park,

Toronto Cherry Blossom Locations for your pictures

Everyone has their favourite time of year, but there are certain times you just can’t help but think are extra special. One of these times, especially in Toronto, is when the cherry blossoms bloom in the parks. These beautiful flowers can be found at various parks around Toronto like Centennial Park, Brickdale Ravine, Broadacres Park and even Centre Island. Toronto cherry blossom makes for an absolutely beautiful backdrop to any picture but it is especially romantic for engagement photos showcasing a couples love and affection for each other.

Taking engagement pictures during Toronto Cherry Blossom

Chris and Karolina had a very specific idea in mind for what they wanted their engagement pictures to look like, and this made it incredibly easy to work with them to make their dreams a reality. From the moment I met them, this couple had a very relaxed and easy feel to them as though they were just so happy they get to be together every day.

On the day of their engagement photos I met the couple at 6 am at High Park. This early time of morning turned out to be a great choice because there was almost no one around, making for perfect pictures with just the couple. Within about an hour the park became increasingly busy so our choice of location shots after that was limited but thankfully we were able to get most of the pictures done in that time.

Chris and Carolina picked outfits with soft colours and it looked like they just fit effortlessly into the venue picked for these pictures. Karolina’s rose coloured dress was the perfect compliment to the pinks in the cherry blossoms while Chris’ off white button down did not overpower Karolina’s outfit but instead complimented it.

Make Your Engagement Pictures Unique

What I love most about engagement pictures is that every couple finds a way to make their pictures completely unique. I enjoy being able to take snapshots of a couple that shows the love and affection they have for each other, while ensuring it doesn’t diminish who they are as a couple. Chris and Karolina are both fans of rock music so they brought along Chris’ guitar for a few pictures. Karolina is a big fan of listening to Chris play the guitar, so we were able to capture a few pictures of the two of them with the guitar.

This lovely couple is getting married in June of next year, and we had so much fun together they have chosen me and Mat to be their wedding photographer and videographer. We cannot wait to capture all the beautiful moments of their big day next year!

Having a Toronto cherry blossom engagement shoot will give you pictures you’ll love for years to come. Since cherry blossoms are only in bloom for a limited amount of time each year, these photo shoots book up very quickly. I am happily booking times for couples for 2020. Contact me today to talk more about creating your perfect pictures!