2nd floor Events Wedding and couple wedding photo shoot at King Street West

Looking for a perfect industrial venue: 2nd floor Events Wedding

I first met Neda and Clinton at a coffee shop, just around the corner from their wedding venue, 2nd Floor Events, in the Fashion District downtown. They hadn’t spent too much time in their venue, yet, so we were able to check it out together and see all the possibilities it held for their big day and discuss the ideas . Neda and Clinton wanted their 2nd Floor Events wedding pictures to reflect their urban lifestyle, so we scouted the best places to take pictures that would not only capture their life together but also showcase the love they obviously have for each other.

Moving from sunny LA to Toronto for the Love of Your Life

Neda and Clinton met a little later in life, after other marriages, so they understand and value the importance of family and friends at their wedding. Their relationship started as being competitors in their careers, but eventually their conversations turned to their personal life and they’ve been talking non-stop ever since. Eventually, Neda moved all the way from Los Angeles to start her life with Clinton in Toronto.

Looking for a Candid Wedding Photographer for 2nd floor Events Wedding

They wanted their big day to be, well, almost anything but big: they were looking for an intimate wedding, celebrating their love with the people who mean the most to them. Both of them wanted their day to be fun, romantic and intimate.

They were looking for a candid wedding photographer, who can capture all the authentic and intimate moments of the day. Neda asked for pictures of her getting ready for the day, and wanted them to be in an area with plenty of natural light so I suggested we start her photos in her hotel room which was very close to the wedding venue.

In addition to the urban photo locations we scouted, they had also asked for some other photos that are timeless, classic and romantic. Both of them have been married before, so they knew from experience what they didn’t want in their wedding pictures and this was a huge help to me as their photographer. This couple knew exactly what they wanted, and it was my pleasure to help make their dreams a reality. While we wandered around their wedding venue, we were able to talk about the parts they liked. It was so much fun to see them imagining their big day and how much fun they were going to have.

While it seemed like they both had the same vision for their big day, and what they wanted to see there were some differences expressed. Neda was looking for those romantic, traditional pictures in an urban setting. Clinton was looking for pictures with streetcars and city landmarks in the background, and as many candid moments as I could possibly capture during the day.

2nd floor Events Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Their wedding was held at 2nd Floor Events, an incredibly modern and industrial venue located at Fashion District at King West. The industrial backdrop of the venue was a great compliment for their soft, romantic vibe. The dark greys of the exposed pipes created a beautiful contrast to the pink hues of their décor.

2nd Floor Events wedding was unique in every way, just like Neda and Clinton. It was the perfect venue for this couple and I was so incredibly happy to be able to capture all of the love they have for each other and all their family.