Top 5 Photography Spots to Take Engagement and Wedding Pictures in Downtown Toronto

Looking for best Toronto photography spots? When you start thinking about all the details that will go into your engagement or downtown wedding photos one of the most important aspects of that day will be the location. The location of your engagement and wedding photos will set the tone of the finished product, and when the location reflects who you are as a couple your love for each other will shine through in your pictures. Your Toronto engagement and wedding photographer will have suggestions as to some great venues to consider, but here are some of the best venues in the GTA not only for your engagement photos but maybe even for your wedding photo shoot if you’re stuck on a location for those, too.

style: urban, contemporary, classic, chick, elegant

elements: neoclassical architecture, arches, garden

the best time to take pictures: anytime

permit: no permit needed, although double check if there is no renovation or events happening

1. Osgoode Hall

This hall is a heritage building filled with years of legal history and is located in the heart of Toronto on Queen Street West. This landmark has been the center of legal history in Ontario for over 170 years. Osgoode Hall sits on over six acres of land and has had more than ten major restorations in its history. This venue for photographs offers both indoor and outdoor options. Its grounds are beautifully landscaped and are filled with flowers which are breathtaking while in full bloom. Indoors you’ll find unique architectural designs, including the incredible Great Library.

2. Union Station

Union Station in Toronto offers a captivating blend of historic charm and modern elegance, making it an ideal engagement and wedding photography location for couples seeking a mix of sophistication, city vibe and romance. As you step into Union Station, you’re immediately struck by the grandeur of its architecture. The soaring ceilings adorned with intricate detailing, majestic columns, and expansive spaces provide a stunning backdrop for engagement photos that exude timeless elegance.

style: elegant, light, classic

elements: Beaux-Arts architecture, arches, iconic clock

the best time to take pictures: early mornings on weekends

permit: no permit needed, although double check if there is no renovation or events happening

3. Wellington St. W and Bay Street

My favorite intersection for these Toronto city vibe photos with the old City Hall building in the background. 

style: city vibe

elements: cars, people crossing, old City Hall clock in the background

the best time to take pictures: early mornings on weekends

permit: no permit needed, although double check if there is no renovation or events happening

4. The Esplanade

The Esplanade arches in Toronto provide a unique and enchanting backdrop for engagement photography, offering couples a blend of architectural beauty and romantic charm. The symmetrical rows of white arches stretching along The Esplanade create a visually stunning scene that is perfect for engagement photography. The elegant curvature of the arches against the backdrop of the city skyline adds depth and dimension to your photos.

style: elegant, bright, European

elements: arches, white stone, unique architecture

the best time to take pictures: anytime

permit: no permit needed

5. Gooderham Building called Flatiron Building

What I truly love about making wedding pictures at Front & Church street area is the authentic feeling of busy Toronto. Walking down the Front Street you can feel the dynamic and energy of this incredible city. And just a corner away I know a hidden, quiet spot where we can take some engagement pictures with CN Tower in the background.

style: bold, urban-vibe

elements: unique to Toronto architecture

the best time to take pictures: anytime

permit: no permit needed

6. Financial District

The Financial District in Toronto provides a modern and bold backdrop for engagement and wedding photography, characterized by its sleek skyscrapers, bustling streets, and vibrant atmosphere. Iconic buildings, with their glass facades and contemporary designs, create a striking contrast against the urban landscape and offer couples a modern and sophisticated backdrop for their photos.

This eclectic mix of old and new architecture adds depth and visual interest to engagement photos, allowing couples to explore a variety of backdrops and settings within a single location.

style: modern, bold

elements: unique to Toronto architecture

the best time to take pictures: weekends, nights

permit: no permit needed

7. Commerce Court

Commerce Court is a masterpiece of Beaux-Arts architecture, characterized by its majestic proportions, intricate detailing, and classical motifs. It stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural grandeur, offering couples a stunning backdrop for their engagement and wedding photography that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

Despite its central location in the heart of downtown Toronto, Commerce Court hidden courtyard offers couples a peaceful and serene oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. 

Whether seeking a glamorous, high-fashion aesthetic or a more understated, romantic vibe, there are endless opportunities to capture breathtaking moments amidst the architectural splendor of Commerce Court.

style: timeless, classic

elements: courtyard, pops of greenery, fountain

the best time to take pictures: weekends, nights

permit: for a quick engagement shoot you can avoid the permit, but you need one for extended wedding photos

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