I met Maria and Aaron in the spring of 2018 for a cup of coffee in Toronto, but right away I felt as though I had been friends with both of them for many years. Maria and Aaron were so comfortable with each other they immediately put me at ease in working with them and welcomed me into their world.

They had already booked me as their wedding photographer to shoot their Big Day in 2019, but as a way to meet each other first and get to know each other, we decided that we should do an engagement shoot.

This couple purchased their very first home together in earlier in 2018, and they invited me to their home in to meet them so we could chat and get an idea as to what they were looking for in their photos. They showed me their home and impressive plant collection! I love plants too, so we were chatting about it for a while and from there, we were able to head to their chosen location – Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, Ontario near Caledon.

This couple is very outdoorsy and loves to hike, and they spend a lot of time hiking in this park so it’s a location that means something special to them as a couple. This location wasn’t filled with flowers but there were lots of trees and forest areas that provided a beautiful backdrop for this couple’s engagement session.

Maria and Aaron showed me around the park, hiking through their favorite trails and stopping to get some great shots at the spots that mean the most to them. It was incredible to experience this provincial park from their perspective, and being invited to take part in an activity that means so much to them as a couple. One of my favorite things as a photographer is coming into the world of those that I’m shooting and being completely immersed in it: seeing the joy they get from spending time in special places, laughing together and capturing that exact moment you can see how much this couple really love each other.

This couple wasted no time in showing their love, and that allowed me to grab some fantastic engagement shots for them. What’s even better about them is that because we felt like we have known each other for years they were immediately comfortable with me and weren’t nervous in front of the camera at all – both Aaron and Maria were totally natural in front of the camera. Maria selected the most beautiful blue dress, and Aaron’s blue shirt complimented it perfectly, and their clothing choices provided a wonderful contrast to the colours of the park and being in nature. If you are just preparing for your engagement session you can find some useful tips here: https://lilacstudios.ca/2018/10/11/engagement-session-tips-part-1/

I am so glad that I was contacted by this couple, and their pictures were beautiful, relaxed and intimate – the perfect combination for engagement photos that will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to photograph their most special day next year, and capture memories for them that will last a lifetime!