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Airbnb Photography & Videography

We are located in Burlington and work all across southern Ontario.

Our goal
is to showcase the personality and exceptionality of your Home to increase your profits.

Our background is in architecture and interior design, and we worked as Airbnb Plus photographers for 2 years. We photographed over 100 homes and we know how to make yours stand out.

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"Lilac Studios’ photos have helped all our properties increase revenue by 20-30%!"

Edwin Chan, Homeseeker Vacation Homes


(per 1 property)

25 HDR high-res pictures

$275 + HST + travel fee

35 HDR high-res pictures

$325 + HST + travel fee

50 HDR high-res pictures

$375 + HST + travel fee

50+ HDR high-res pictures

2 nights stay at your place

How to prepare your Airbnb for an Airbnb Photographer?

Full Airbnb decor guide.

1. Make your Airbnb tidy, spacious and uncluttered

You want your house to look stylish, cozy and sparkling clean at the same time. Start from clearing the clatter of the room and not necessary furniture. Organize closets and storage spaces to create a sense of spaciousness.

2. Remove too personal items

What makes an Airbnb home successful, is the right balance between the hotel look and home look. You want the tidiness, freshness, and cleanest of the hotel room matched with the coziness of a real home.

It’s good to keep at home items that make it cozy and homey, so more people can imagine themselves in it and start daydreaming about your home. Leave your plants, art, decorative pillows, and blankets. Remove pictures of your family & friends, fridge magnets, religious symbols, toys, any documents, and clutter from top of the dressers.

3. Who are you marketing to?

Now it is time for planning and strategizing.

Do you want to attract families with children, big party groups, or couples? Think as your ideal guest: What is their vision for the perfect week or weekend getaway? What would draw them to your place, and what would they need? Majority of guests choose a vacation home based on their lifestyle.

showing an Airbnb cottage experience: firepit with smores

4. Focus on key, most attractive features

Think for a moment what is worth highlighting, what you love the most about your home and make it shine. Is it a fireplace that warms you up in the wintertime filling up the house with an outstanding, wood smell? Is it your greenhouse or library room, where you spend free time relaxing in your favorite armchair? Ensure these areas are clean, well-maintained, and properly staged to showcase their appeal.

5. Make it Homy and Pinterest worthy

Now when you know who you want to host, it is time to focus on details for your Airbnb photography. Incorporate plants and art can add life and vibrancy to your space. Add artificial plants, candles, blankets and throw pillows to every bedroom and living room. Place them strategically throughout your home to add pops of color and visual interest. Feature one centerpiece on your dining table, coffee table, and island such as a fresh bouquet of flowers, artificial plant, art, books and candles.

6. Tidy up the landscaping and backyard

This one can eat some of your time, but it is worth the trouble. Take care of your landscaping: trim your grass, clean leaves, create seating areas. Arrange outdoor furniture and accessories to create an inviting atmosphere. Make it welcoming: clean up the outdoor furniture and set up some light strings. People will instantly imagine themselves in your backyard, drinking margaritas on the summer nights, or warming up at the fireplace in the winter time. Close garage doors and remove cars from the driveway. Remove empty planters and any garden/cleaning supplies.

7. Enhance natural lighting for your AirBnb pictures

I suggest scheduling your AirBnb photography late in the morning/early afternoon for a lot of natural light. Bright places look bigger, and more welcoming. Maximize natural light by opening curtains and blinds. I will be shooting with curtains and blinds open, so make sure that your windows are clean. Turn off all lights.

8. Remove floor mats and runners, unless these are decorative

These are a little less obvious tips, but a lot of people pay attention to these small things and they are easily overlooked. Remove floor mats and runners to make your floor and room look bigger and tidier. Vacuum and mop your floors.

Clean all the rooms, windows, mirrors, surfaces like countertops and don’t forget to clean your appliances like fridge, coffee machine and microwave: stains may be visible in your photos.

9. Consider Seasonal Decorations and 4 sets of photos for each season

Cottage living in the summer and in the winter time is very different. While looking for the perfect cottage for a summer vacation, your guests may be searching for a place with lake access, paddleboards, a beach, and AC. But what if your guests are interested in getting cozy and warm under a blanket in December? They will most likely be looking to get warm in front of the fireplace or sauna. A different set of photos can help visualize the experience your guests may have at different times of the year.