best wedding cakes of 2022

I love love, weddings, and wedding cakes. I love photographing all of that, and it brings me so much joy and excitement seeing all the stunning details the bride and groom with their wedding vendors created. I’m sharing my favorite wedding cakes from Toronto bakeries’ I photographed in 2022 wedding season.

1. Minimal two-tier wedding cake with roses and fruits 

A two-tiered cake is perfect for smaller weddings, but sometimes it can be difficult to decorate them as elaborately as a three-tiered cake. This two-tiered round cake has an almost naked look with a minimal amount of white icing, but the accents are rich and vibrant in colour. A mix of floral accents – the bold red roses – and pieces of fruit give a completely unique look to this cake. With a little added greenery, this couple has a beautiful cake for their special day. 

Bakery: made by bride’s friend, Carla

2. Wedding cupcakes with one-tier round cake and floral accents

Many couples choose to have cupcakes at their weddings because it’s easier for their guests to really enjoy their dessert, but they still want to have a cake to cut for pictures. A multi-tier set up of cupcakes with a single-layer cake on top is a perfect mix of traditional and modern. This couple added in floral accents that matched the colour theme of their wedding, and the icing on the cake matched the icing on the cupcakes.

Bakery: Daan Go Cake Lab

3. Bold and edgy 3 tier cake

For those couples having a wedding that might be a little edgy, or is looking to add in a bold element this wedding cake with bold colours and geometric accidents is just perfect! A bright, bold orange layer in the middle compliments the unique cake topper along with the geometric accents of the bottom tier.

Bakery: La Dolcezza

5. Two Tier Vanilla Frosted Cake with Succulent Accents

Many wedding cakes have floral accents added to the layers to add a little pop of colour, but for those couples who are not doing a lot of florals at their wedding, they may want to find another option for accents on their cake. Using simple, white frosting this cake with two tiers is perfect for smaller weddings where they still want a cake but don’t have enough guests for the traditional three tiers. Add in a cake topper with the couple’s new last name, and you have a classic look, perfect for any wedding. 

Bakery: Jeanette’s Cakes

6. Rustic, minimal three-tier wedding cake

It may look like this cake doesn’t have enough icing on it, but that’s the point of a minimalist cake. This beautiful three-tier cake incorporates less icing to allow parts of the cake to show through and create a rustic feel to the cake. With the addition of some floral accents and a cake topper with the couple’s initials, this beautiful yet simple cake is perfect for anyone with a rustic feel to their wedding.

Bakery: Keit Nguyen

7. Three-tier wedding cake with stencilled white icing and colour floral accents

White icing is an excellent foundation for any wedding cake, and it goes great with almost all other colours. This three-tier cake used texture on the icing to create depth on the cake, so it wasn’t just smooth icing. Further, the baker used stencilling with edible gold paint to create a unique design on each tier of this cake. To complete the cake, floral accents were added to match the colours of the big day, complimenting the white icing perfectly!

Bakery: Cakeoholics

8. An alternative to the traditional wedding cake 

This conical-shaped dessert is perfect for couples thinking they want something different than a cake. Each piece is a cream puff that can be removed individually as guests want to eat it. Decorated with floral pieces and simple white butterflies, this twist on the traditional wedding cake takes the place a cake would have but allows guests to enjoy a dessert that’s unique.

9. Two-tier cake with painted floral icing

Each wedding cake is an expression of the couple’s vision for their wedding, and this cake is no exception. Instead of pinning floral accents to this two-tier wedding cake, the Toronto baker painted floral accents onto this cake with a simple, classic white icing background. The soft pastels of these painted florals is perfect for a spring wedding with a soft, intimate feel. Although the couple did not have cake topper, this painted floral cake could easily add a custom cake topper for another unique feel.

Baker: Manal Bashir Pastry Co.

10. Three-tier Cake with Edible Gold and Rich Accent Colours 

For weddings with rich accent colours that may be just a little too dark for a whole cake, adding a bit to this traditional 3-tiered round cake gives it a custom feel. Emerald is a rich colour, but it may be too much for a whole cake for some couples. Choosing a contrasting colour, like white frosting, makes the emerald pop and the edible gold flakes on the cake create a gorgeous divider between the white and the emerald. Add in a custom cake topper, in gold as well, and this take on a traditional cake gives a little something extra to your wedding cake.