engagement photo shoot with CN Tower skyline at Humber Bay Park East

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Every love story is unique and beautiful as it showcases just how amazing it is that two people can meet, under seemingly ordinary circumstances, and come out realizing they just cannot live without each other. Carlo and Darrecia have a very unusual love story, and their commitment to each other is unbreakable no matter what comes their way.

A Cross-Continental Love Story: How Texas and Luxemburg met in Sweden

A number of years ago, Darrecia was living in Texas when she accepted a 3-month long international study in Sweden. By coincidence, Carlo accepted that exact same study program and he moved from Luxembourg to Sweden at the same time. From the moment they met, in this program, they were completely inseparable. Time flew by faster than anyone could believe and soon they both had to fly back to their homes, without each other.

After this, they decided they would meet in various cities around the world to spend time with each other – sometimes just flying in for the weekend. One weekend together, Carlo decided he couldn’t be without her any longer and he proposed to Darrecia.

Engagement Photo Shoot in Toronto | Humber Bay Park East

The next city on their list was Toronto, and so they decided to have their engagement shoot here. I was so excited to shoot their pictures for them, as I thought they were just touring the city and then going home together. When I heard about their love story it made these pictures that much more special. I was so honored they asked me to capture these memories for them.

The day we met for their engagement pictures was the perfect early autumn day: warm and bright. We started by the water and captured some very natural, casual pictures where this couple looked totally comfortable with each other. Darrecia wore a flowing, floor-length dress in a blush pink that looked absolutely beautiful on her. Her loose flowing curls complemented the casual feel of their pictures better than I could have imagined. After the pictures by the water, the couple changed their outfits and we found an additional location, in a field, where their bright, crisp clothes stood out against the soft colours of the Toronto background.

Planning a Wedding in Texas

Throughout this whole photoshoot, it was obvious how much this couple really loves each other. They have continued their relationship across multiple continents and time zones. After this shoot, I sent them their pictures and let them know how much fun I had working with them and wishing them well with their wedding. Much to my surprise, Carlo and Darrecia asked me to fly to Texas in July 2020 to shoot their wedding day pictures. Unfortunately, because of COVID they had to reschedule their wedding day. I still hope that we can meet in 2021 and celebrate their big day with them next year!