father-doughter dance during wedding reception

We all have different dreams & wants, and the same applies to how we imagine our dream wedding day. Some of us always wanted their wedding to be big, flashy, and surrounded by lots of friends & family. If you are more into intimate weddings surrounded by only the closest ones, a restaurant wedding may be something perfect for you. There are many restaurants in Toronto and the entire GTA area perfect for hosting your wedding, any time of the year.  If you’re thinking about getting married and considering having it at a restaurant here are 5 reasons to do it.

Restaurant Wedding. Everything in One Place: Ceremony, Reception, Photography

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and you want all of your friends and family there to celebrate your love. It’s an amazing day but organizing a wedding can be very stressful and incredibly time consuming: trying to put together all the tiny details, moving from one spot to another, arranging transportation and so on. Having your wedding ceremony and the reception at one of the beautiful restaurants in Toronto or the GTA area, everything is in one place. No one has to travel and many restaurants have beautiful, picturesque locations very close so you can easily take wedding photos without traveling.

I’m scouting your wedding location in advance, to check the lighting at the restaurant, and to find the most beautiful spots around the venue for your wedding photos with both your family and bridal party. That is one more thing that is out of your to-do list, as my goal is to hold your hand throughout the entire experience.

The Best Food for Your Wedding Reception

A restaurant’s business is to know, prepare, and serve great food. Most wedding guests will remember the experience and the food you served, so why not give them the best possible? A restaurant will have so many options, with something for almost any special dietary needs since they already prepare that food regularly. You can also provide your guests with more options than a typical catered event, and most restaurants will allow you to bring in your own cake if you’re hosting a wedding there.

Add Personality to the Feel of Your Restaurant Wedding

Do you want your wedding to be intimate and personal? At small venues, like The Woodlot, Toronto your guests will feel closer to you during this wedding and the love will feel exceptionally strong. Smaller places have a very welcoming feel, and owners can incorporate more personal & individual elements to the interior design and food. These smaller venues are perfect for making your guests feel at home and appreciated.

The most Personal Service during your Wedding Day

Most restaurants are independently owned, and weddings are not an everyday thing for them. It means this is a big event and they will be very excited to make it everything you could ever want. Making this happen for you is good business for them, as word of mouth will get out and possibly have even more people want a wedding at their restaurant. Everyone who works there is going to make sure you have exactly what you need, your guests are happy and this day is perfect for you. You will get a very personal touch and truly caring service, as excited about your wedding day as you are.

Lots of Options: Brunch Wedding, Cocktail-Style, Buffet-Style, Serve-Yourself Food Stations

If you plan your wedding at a typical banquet hall, typically the only option is for a dinner wedding. When it comes to having your wedding at a restaurant, the smaller venue allows you other options more traditional venues might not give you. If you want to have a brunch or lunch wedding, a restaurant allows for that. A restaurant venue allows for much more flexibility than your traditional venue and you can have the wedding you’ve always wanted.